Fan Makes His Girlfriend Take An Arsenal Exam


Obviously feeling that their relationship had reached something of an impasse and that his significant other wasn’t pulling her weight in the football department, one Arsenal fan decided to make his girlfriend sit an Arsenal exam in a bid to really test their compatibility.

The exam featured a ridiculously professional-looking cover sheet, explaining that 50 marks were available and that all answers should be filled in using black ink, etc.

As it happens, the girl performed admirably, ending with a thoroughly respectable score of 87 percent (43.5 out of 50).

What’s more, it later became clear after the results had been returned that an insufficient total pass percentage would have resulted in the relationship being terminated!

“Well done Saskia. As a result I will not be dumping you! (lucky you),” her assessment page read.

I’d like to think my girlfriend would ace a test on my favorite team but I doubt she would. She already puts up with enough when I make her watch games at 7:30 AM in the morning and complain to her about my team losing a game. It’s too much to ask for her to memorize the players and the team’s history. That’s why this guy is playing with fire. If a girl can put up with your soccer obsession then you should just be satisfied with that. Don’t get greedy and try to make her a super fan. Not only is it unnecessary but you need your girlfriend to be unaffected by a devastating loss so she can comfort you in your time of need. If you are both devastated by the loss then you are both screwed.


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