Neuer’s World-Class Save To Deny Reus’ Brilliant Free Kick

This is the Manuel Neuer we all know – not many goalkeepers would have kept out Marco Reus’ free kick in “Der Klassiker”. The World Champion didn’t just stop it, but he also managed to gather the ball before the charging Dortmund players could get there first. A truly world-class stop.

A lot is said about how great Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are but not enough is said about the brilliance of Manuel Neuer. He has singlehandedly transformed the position. Along with his exceptional ability to play as a sweeper keeper he also is a fantastic keeper in the traditional sense. This save is second to none. The arm strength it takes to stop that shot is one of a kind. Marco Reus must have been so pissed. Any other keeper would probably not have been able to save that shot but Neuer isn’t just any keeper. Seriously, this guy deserves at least one Ballon d’Or in his career


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