Oscar Pareja Gives Caleb Porter Tissue Instead Of A Handshake After Final Whistle

From MLSsoccer.com:

Was that a piece of paper? What kind of paper was it?Those were probably some of the questions you were asking yourself after the final whistle of Saturday night’s Portland Timbers vs. FC Dallas match at Providence Park, a 3-1 win for the home side — the first victory for the Timbers and the first loss of the season for FC Dallas.

The customary postgame pleasantries between the two coaches – in this case Portland’s Caleb Porter and FC Dallas manager Oscar Pareja – were anything but typical. The video above shows Pareja’s outstretched arm handing something to Porter, who snatches it and tosses it in the air.

Turns out it was a tissue.

“I walked over to shake his hand and he had a tissue that he put over his nose and tried to hand me a tissue,” Timbers head coach Caleb Porter said in the postgame press conference. “So I thought it was very poor sportsmanship out of him [Pareja]. I never said one word to him the whole game and he obviously wasn’t happy with the loss.But I’ve never had a coach come up and disrespect me like that. So that’s what happened.”

Oscar Pareja should be ashamed. This is such a disappointing display of poor sportsmanship and it is made even worse knowing that young kids were watching this. Coaches and players are supposed to be role models. Everyone makes mistakes but this incident seemed premeditated. Pareja knew what he was doing and he did it anyway. We don’t know what was said on the sidelines between Oscar and Caleb and we may never know. It could very well be that Caleb Porter said some mean things that Oscar took great offense too. However, no matter what was said, the handshake after the game is done to make sure players put aside their differences and interact with their opponent. Anytime a player or coach refuses to honor the tradition he turns his back on sportsmanship. That can’t be tolerated and I hope he gets severely fined for this.


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