YouTube Free Kick Phenom Shows Up Liverpool Players In Free Kick Competition

We’ve featured this guy before on The 93rd Minute and he’s back again to show up Mario Balotelli, Lazar Markovic, and Rickie Lambert of Liverpool. He is definitely the best spot kick on the pitch in this video (although this is a limited sample). However, why didn’t they bring Steven Gerrard into this? Markovic, Borini, and Lambert are not known as free kick masters and Balotelli is very hit or miss when he takes free kick. It’s either a goal or he skies it into the stands.

The more I watch this guy the more I’m starting to come around on him. At first I thought maybe he was just one of those guys who took shots multiple times and then edited the video to make it look like he was very good (even though the shot took like 100 tries). After this video I am starting to believe he has genuine skill. Next he just has to hit the gym and I’m sure he could become an interesting prospect for fifth or 6th division team in Dutch football looking for a super sub to take free kicks.


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