Notts County Women’s Team Fools Arsenal Ladies With Tricky Free Kick

Brilliant! These ladies act like they are arguing about something then quickly start the play before the defense has time to react. It’s plays like these that you need in your arsenal so so you can gain an advantage every once and awhile. Unfortunately, you can only use them once though before word gets around so you have to make sure you utilize it when you most need it and don’t fail to execute.

When I was younger I played against a kid who was dribbling towards me when suddenly he bent down to tie his shoe. Being the foolish and charitable kid that I was I stopped defending him to let him tie his shoe. Before I knew it he popped back up and sped past me before I had a chance to regroup and ended up scoring. Rest assured I would never let someone do that again but the mistake still haunts me to this day.


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