USWNT for Club and Country (Video)

The fast-approaching Women’s World Cup has kept the WNT players tremendously busy around the USA and the world, but they are looking forward to the chance to turn out for their NWSL clubs and play a handful of games before the final stretch run to Canada.

Who else is super excited for the women’s World Cup? In all honesty the women’s World Cup is one of the few sporting events featuring women that I tune into. I don’t want to be sexist but without nationalism attached to a women’s competition I just can’t get excited for it. Maybe that’s the solution to the lower viewership numbers of the WPSL. They need to make every game between teams filled with players from only one country so people can attach their national allegiance to one of the clubs. BAM! That idea just made the WPSL profitable. I’ll be awaiting my check in the mail.


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