Slide Tackles In Public Places (Video)

Other than a goal or an assist, a slide tackle is one of the most rewarding things you can do on the pitch. It’s so much fun to get stuck in and really embarrass your opponent by taking him to the ground while also legally stealing the ball. Sometimes when I’m having a game where I find myself being too timid I purposely slide tackle one of my opponents to fire myself up and give me a burst of testosterone. It works every time.

I thought this video would be somewhat lame. However, the video is made much better by the addition of live game commentary. I’m not sure why but the addition of that live game commentary enhances the video and helps me appreciate the wackiness that comes from slide tackling someone in public. When I’m having bad days now I’ll wish that I could slide tackle someone in public just to cheer myself up. That should be a service that you can pay for. Someone create that.


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