Gareth Bale Can Play Basketball?

Gareth Bale – NBA UK #HalfCourt challenge

His shot is ugly as sin but you can’t argue with results. 3 out of 5 ain’t bad. Also, after watching this video it has become clear that Gareth Bale was born to be a professional athlete. If you transported him to America as a baby he could have grown up to be a very talented American football, baseball, or basketball player. He just has natural athleticism and the perfect body type for pretty much every sport. I wish I could see into “alternate timelines” and see how Gareth Bale would have fared in other sports. Now I’ll never know for sure if he would have actually been good at anything other than soccer just like I will never know if Lebron James would have turned out to be a great American football or soccer player. Maybe one day…


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