Big Announcement: I Have Decided To Shift The Focus Of This Blog From Soccer To Baking

This was one of my first forays into baking. Dark chocolate brownies covered in a sweet raspberry syrup. Yum!

Dear Readers,

Thank you for all of your support these past few years. It has been a real pleasure writing this blog and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Unfortunately, as people grow older their passions change. When I was younger I was in love with soccer. However, I must admit that the fiery passion I once had for soccer has become just a few smoldering embers. Soccer no longer has the appeal it once had for me. Therefore, I would be doing all of you a disservice if I continued to write a blog for a sport I no longer am passionate about. As my interest in soccer has begun to wane I have started to pick up a real interest in baking. The joy I get from seeing people enjoy my delicious creations is second to none. As a result, I wanted to be able to share this joy not only with those eating my treats but also to people around the world who do not get to eat them because they are too far away. In order to do that I decided a blog would be a great way to reach this audience. Effective 12:00 AM EST April 2, 2015 this will become a baking blog. I know that many of you will stop reading this blog once I stop talking about soccer but I hope a few of you will give my new blog a chance. Thanks again for everything and wish me luck on my new adventure!



P.S. At this moment I will keep the name. Although I am not sure yet as to how I will relate it to baking.

Baking isn’t easy. It took several failed attempts before I could bake those brownies pictured above!

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