Harvard’s Class On The Beautiful Game- The Global Game: Soccer, Politics, and Popular Culture

From The Harvard Gazette:

few years ago, two Harvard humanities professors created one ingenious class.

The Global Game: Soccer, Politics, and Popular Culture,” or “Romance Studies 109,” isn’t simply about admiring the world’s most popular sport — it’s also a window onto some of the most pressing questions posed by the humanities.

“The point is to use soccer as a portal, as an entryway into the disciplines but also the questions that the humanities propose about the production of social meaning,” said Mariano Siskind, the John L. Loeb Associate Professor of the Humanities and a scholar of 19th- and 20th-century Latin American literature. “What is beauty, and why is it called the beautiful game? That’s a central question in aesthetic philosophy.

“We need to shake students up,” he added, “in the way that Russian formalist Viktor Shklovsky asked them to ‘defamiliarize’ the objects they take for granted.”

Harvard students get all the money, all the good jobs, and now they get all the cool courses. Life just isn’t fair. I would pay money to take this class online even if I wouldn’t get any course credit because this class sounds perfect. A lot of these types of college classes have a cool name and concept but then you show up to class and the class is barely about what they said it was. I once took a “History Of Baseball” class and the entire class was all about the ROI of sponsorship proposals. Most of the time it seems like these classes just use popular culture to trick students into taking a class on a subject they wouldn’t normally take. However, I would take that risk for this class because if it is everything they say it will be then it would be the one class I would actually pay full attention to. Harvard if you’re reading this then please let me take this class. Instead of a resume I’ll submit this blog. If this blog isn’t enough to prove that I deserve the opportunity to take this class then this blog is worthless.

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