Team Gets Scored On While Celebrating Their Goal

During a match between K-Stars and Ferroviario, an unusual team celebration leads to an equalizer goal being scored

Karma is a bitch. This video makes me so happy and it should make you happy to. How many times has your team given up a goal and the other team raucously celebrated as you tried to pick yourself up off the ground? I remember when I played with Brazilians and after one of them scored the rest of the team came over and pretended to shine his shoe. I can only imagine how much that infuriated our opponents. When you get scored on and the other team celebrates in your face you would sell your soul to the devil to shut them up. There’s no better way to shut them up to score a goal. However, it’s one thing to score a goal 10 minutes later but it’s even more satisfying to score a goal while they are too busy celebrating. The fact that this game ended in a 1-1 tie just makes it even sweeter.


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