Liverpool Fans Hold Back Mario Balotelli To Prevent Him From Getting A Red Card

It’s safe to say that by this point in the season it’s clear that the Balotelli experiment has failed. Many could say they saw this coming and it’s easy to see why. His style of play never looked like it would be compatible with Brendan Rodgers’ style of play and the dissenters were proven right. Balotelli is still a great player and he can be a real asset to the right team but Liverpool is not the team that he will succeed on.

The above gif perfectly summarizes the volatility of a player like Balotelli. Although he is capable of moments of brilliance he is also equally as capable of moments of sheer stupidity. When he is not playing well and he gets frustrated, the risk of him doing something stupid rises exponentially which is what we saw happen during the Liverpool-Manchester United game. Thankfully, the Liverpool fans were aware of the risk and took the unusual, but brilliant, step of holding back Balotelli. If he had gotten a red and Liverpool had to play down two men then the day could have gotten even more embarrassing for the Reds.


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