Exclusive Footage Of Celtic’s League Cup Final Celebrations

Celtic TV went behind the scenes to bring you this exclusive footage from the League Cup Final celebrations at Hampden and Celtic Park. Including a snapshot of what happened in the dressing room post-match.

I was going to post this yesterday but technically Celtic is a Scottish team (I say technically because I bet many outside observers who have heard of Celtic assume they are an Irish team because of their colors and crest) and I didn’t want to make this yet another “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” post. They have a very interesting history about why and how they are connected to Ireland but that’s a post for a different time.

These field-level highlights are starting to become more ubiquitous and I couldn’t be happier. Fans now get even more access to their favorite teams and now is fast-becoming the golden age to be a fan. Imagine being a fan ten years ago? You would never know what a League Cup Final would look like unless you were an employee of Celtic or you were a player. Now anyone with an internet connection can experience it. We are blessed my friends, truly blessed.


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