#TBT That Time Robin Williams Purposely Kept Calling Sepp Blatter “Sepp Bladder”

From The Washington Post:

Robin Williams sent the whole thing up, describing the chart as “the world’s biggest Keno [numbers] game” and insisting on calling Sepp Blatter, secretary-general of Fifa, Mr Bladder throughout. “This is not a comedy,” chided Blatter lamely at one point.

Williams joked and mocked, wore a surgical glove to select plastic balls containing team names, and talked about “great prizes” for those selected. In fact, the prizes are unimaginable fame and wealth for underdogs such as the Bolivians and Nigerians, and even more fame and wealth for the established stars of the game.

There’s nothing better than someone making fun of Sepp Blatter. Every soccer fan across the world wants to wipe away his smug face and take him down a peg. Unfortunately, he has so much power and FIFA is so corrupt that he controls soccer and it doesn’t look like he will stop controlling it anytime soon. That is why this incident is so satisfying. In fact the most disappointing thing about this incident is that there is no surviving footage

When I first heard about this Robin Williams incident I was angry at myself for not knowing of it sooner; when Robin Williams was still alive. It’s just so perfect. Robin Williams doesn’t care who Sepp Blatter is and doesn’t treat him as if he is anything special. Sepp Blatter is so accustomed to people treating him with deference that he is clearly unhinged by Robin Williams’s jokes at his expense. FIFA has such a self-imposed air of austerity surrounding it that Sepp Blatter had no idea how to respond to a comedian who didn’t care about FIFA’s image. This is what made Robin Williams great. He was a fantastic comedian who could make anything funny and never thought he was above a joke. He will sorely be missed and from now on I will refer to Sepp Blatter as “Sepp Bladder” in remembrance of him and to give myself some satisfaction when FIFA makes yet another corrupt decision.


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