Philaelphia Union Defender Takes Over MLS’s Tumblr

What’s up MLS fans? It’s Ethan White, defender for the Philadelphia Union. I’ve snatched the MLS Tumblr account for a week and plan on showing you the ins and outs of MLS preseason life from a different angle. Tag along with me as I combine my love for soccer + photography and flood you alls Tumblr feeds with pictures I’ve taken. Hopefully the league won’t notice. I plan on being around all week. Keep an eye out for the uploads!

Recently MLS had a very great idea to hand over the reins of their Tumblr account to Ethan White. Therefore, over the next week soccer fans will get an inside look of MLS pre-season training as documented by Ethan. Anytime fans get to see behind the scenes into the locker room it is a real treat so I’m glad MLS came up with this idea. I’ll be sure to constantly check back to see what else he has in stores for us.

Now if only we could see behind the scenes of the CBA negotiations…


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