Sportsy Soccer- The Mobile Soccer Training Program

Sportsy is a mobile training platform that makes it fun for kids to learn, practice and become better at key skills in a variety of sports. Launching Sportsy Soccer in early 2014 in partnership with professional soccer players and top coaches, Sportsy is developing a series of training programs designed for players just starting out and those who want to take their skills to the next level. Using their iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or Android device, players learn how to perform drills and take part in challenges to earn points and badges.

What a fantastic idea. When I was growing up I didn’t have these fancy apps or even YouTube. Instead, I had to watch instructional DVDs/VHSs on my family room TV and then go outside in my backyard and try to recreate them. It was always a frustrating process because I wouldn’t fully remember the instructions for skill I was trying to learn so I would have to continuously return inside to re-watch the video. While I was doing so I was enraging my mother by tracking mud into the house and angering my siblings who wanted to watch the television. It got to a point that it was so frustrating that I stopped trying. However, with an app such as Sportsy I would not be as inconvenienced as I was back then.

Rather than practice in my small backyard because of it’s proximity to my TV I can practice on a regular sized soccer field and still be able to refer to my video instructions much more easily than I had to decades ago. Now only if I could go back in time and use this then maybe I’d be a professional soccer player instead of a professional soccer blogger.


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