West Ham Fans Allow Black Man Onto The Train

Now I have to admit this is a funny parody video. Although the incident that occurred between the Chelsea fans and the black man after the PSG game was abhorrent it is nice to bring a little bit of levity to the situation. However, West Ham fans are not absolved of any wrong doing either. Unfortunately, racism is a really big problem still in soccer and their are “bad apples” in most, if not all, supporters groups. Chelsea fans deserve to be singled out for their part in what happened last week but all supporters groups should treat that incident as a reflection on supporter culture in general and not just as an isolated incident only involving Chelsea fans. The only way to truly eradicate racism is to admit it is a problem stamp it out everywhere. If we blame it on everyone else then we aren’t making any real steps towards changing the culture that allows racism to grow.

Stir Up the Pot!

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