VfB Stuttgart Fans Forgive Player For Crucial Mistake- Pure Class!

A great moment from the Stuttgart fans after their side’s 3-2 loss to Borussia Dortmund: The disappointed players – particularly 18-year-old Timo Baumgartl, whose mistake led to BVB’s third goal – received some brilliant encouragement from their supporters. Bravo, VfB fans!

So many stories like this have come out of the Bundesliga and it is why it is fast becoming my favorite league in the world. The Bundesliga fans and players just seem to soccer in the context of humanity better than fans elsewhere. Whether it be forgiving a young player who made a terrible mistake or refusing to exploit a one man advantage these players/fans don’t let a game prevent them from being compassionate human beings. There aren’t many fans in any sport that would be willing to forgive this player in the immediate aftermath of the game. What makes it worse is that this team is in the midst of a relegation battle. If they got sent down fans and players could look back on this mistake as the dropped points that led to them getting sent down. However, the fans still refused to kick this player while he was down. Pure class.


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