World Cup Qatar 2022 To Be Played In The Winter According To Insiders


Multiple sources say it’s a done deal that World Cup 2022 will take place in November and December of 2022 in Qatar. A FIFA task force will meet in Doha next week and make that recommendation, and the FIFA Executive Committee is set to make the decision final at its meeting in Zurich next month.

Is FIFA’s Fox TV rights extension a make-good for moving 2022 World Cup?
The current plan is for only one European club season to be impacted schedule-wise, which the clubs are hoping to achieve by cutting some international dates. One key question is what to do about Confederations Cup the year before, but the big World Cup decision has been made. Set your calendars for November-December of 2022

FIFA has officially jumped the shark. There is no more hope. The organization is completely and irreversibly corrupt. Instead of reversing a decision that was clearly made for all the wrong reasons they have decided to double-down on a decision that everyone knew was the wrong choice the moment it was made. Why continue to honor the choice of giving Qatar the World cup when it is clear they do not have the human rights record, infrastructure, or even the climate to host a World Cup? It is so mind-numbingly stupid that it drives a rational person to the brink of insanity. It makes no sense and it literally can only be described by being the product of corruption.

Does FIFA really think that we are too dumb to notice? Or do they know we notice and are just too pompous to care? I think it is more of the latter which is why I’m so sick and tired of FIFA. That organization is ruining the greatest sport in the world and it almost makes it sound worth it to not support the World Cup so they can get it through their heads that soccer fans won’t let themselves be walked over. Fat chance of that ever happening though.


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