Heineken Soccer- Would You Drop Everything to Go To A UCL Match In Barcelona? (You Also Have to Convince Your Boss)

Would you drop everything to fly to a Champions League Match in Barcelona? What if you had to convince your boss to go with you? See if these soccer fans can come away with a victory.
See more of the trip: www.Heineken.com/soccer

I would easily drop everything to go to a Champions League match in Barcelona. The tough part though would be convincing my boss and there’s NO WAY my boss would be up for it. The proposition is just too ridiculous of a question to ask, especially when you are as far down the totem pole as I am. I would even be afraid to risk asking the question for fear of any reprisals from my boss after the cameras turned off.

However, I would still ask because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. The only thing preventing me from going to a Champions League now is how expensive it is so if I had the opportunity to go for free I would be remiss if I didn’t at least try. Assuming my boss did say no it would be hard to forgive him. Every time I’d see him in the hallway I’d think of him as the guy who cost me an opportunity to go see a Champions League match in Barcelona. That would not foster a great working relationship.


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