Happy Valentine’s Match Day from The 93rd Minute!


There’s an old saying about relationships that applies to a wonderful day like today: “It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to get permission.” If you do not understand dear readers, fear not, for the writers at The 93rd Minute have your back! We present to you the ultimate soccer get out of jail free card! This Puma marketing strategy that circulated during Valentine’s Day 2010 will teach you all you need to know about asking for forgiveness for skipping Valentine’s Day for match day! These commercials will teach you how to say sorry and I love you in 3 different languages: English (two times? Wow!),  Italian (non vi credo!), French (ce n’est pas possible!), and finally German (du bist verrückt!). That’s right ladies and gents, gather up your friends at the pub, recreate the following ads, and send them off to your significant others. If they love you as much as you love them, they will completely understand. You will be home free! Happy Valentine’s Day

DISCLAIMER: If, for some odd reason, this does not work on your loved one and they choose to leave you. This is not our fault!  You did it wrong and you do not have the boyish or girlish charm that we thought you all possessed. It was not meant to be, therefore, you are quite welcome.


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