Street Soccer New York- The Movie

STREET SOCCER: NEW YORK is the story of twelve homeless men who used soccer to change their destiny.

Filmmakers Dan Hedges and David Murphy follow a New York soccer team comprised entirely of homeless players as they train and prepare for the Street Soccer USA Cup, an annual soccer tournament for homeless players. During their journey, the players face challenges on and off the field, using their skills to chase a championship and taking leaps to rebuild their lives. This film will shatter your preconceptions about the homeless and provide an alternative on how to address the problem of homelessness.

STREET SOCCER: NEW YORK examines the past of these players while telling the exciting story of their quest for the Street Soccer USA Cup. It’s a story of hope, despair and inspiration.  It’s a stunning example of how sports can be used for social change.

Street Soccer NYC:The Movie

This is an incredible story. I have always been amazed by this homeless street soccer movement. Soccer is such a fantastic sport and it is always heartwarming to see when it is used for good. When I see all the good things people use soccer for it helps assuage the very real fear that all the money in soccer has taken away some of the sport’s charm.

Although I know about the Homeless World Cup I did not know about the Street Soccer USA Cup and I am glad I do now. I have been fortunate enough to not be homeless but like many of those living on the streets today my luck could easily change and I can find myself without a roof over my head.

Living on the streets is a hard way to live and it is easy to give into temptation to help ease the pain. That’s why activities such as the one this movie focuses on are so important. Being part of a team and having a goal to strive for can give these men meaning when the rest of their lives are in shambles. It’s very inspiring to see these men striving to improve and give meaning to their lives especially when there are many who are not homeless who coast through their lives without striving for self-improvement. Let’s all make sure we support this movie and when we see a homeless man or woman on the street we should try not to judge them without knowing their whole story.

Also if you want to read up more on the documentary the directors did a great interview with The Original Winger website which you can find here.


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