The USL Rising

Welcome to a new dawn in North American soccer.

The rising tide of soccer across North America is unstoppable. The world’s game will also be the No. 1 sport here, in time. Never before has the time been more right for the USL to rise to the occasion and be recognized as the new-generation professional league it has become. Now is our time. Soccer is rising, and so is the USL.

The USL is primed for a big 2015 and it has launched a new marketing initiative, complete with a new logo and other rebranding efforts, to increase excitement for the league. This rebranding looks well thought out and comprehensive and is most likely meant to help make sure USL further capitalizes on its growing partnership with MLS. Hopefully for the league and US soccer fans, this further increases the excitement around the league because excitement for a lower-tier league will naturally rise to MLS and US Soccer.

It will be interesting to see how the NASL responds to this though. Currently they are the “second division” in the American soccer tier, although that isn’t an official title and they would rather be the “first division.” As it stands MLS is “first” and USL is “third” but it is obvious MLS would like the USL to supplant the NASL as the “second division.” Which means NASL is now caught between both and it is only a matter of time before this strategic pincer move by MLS threatens it’s status as the “second division.” If this rebranding by USL, along with the financial backing of MLS, aren’t rebuffed by NASL then it may find itself tumbling down to the “third division.”


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