Qatar Airways & FC Barcelona – The FCB Holiday

A tiki-taka journey of snapshot moments that visits some of the 140 destinations we now fly to; from Wild West soccer-style shoot-outs in Dallas to kicks, flicks and tricks in Seoul. From sun, sea and skills in the Maldives to a game of mime soccer on the streets of Paris – we see the FC Barcelona players soak up the local culture and bring smiles to Blaugrana fans at every stop.

I love these Qatar Airways commercials. They are so creative and have so much star-power packed in to them that it is hard not to be enraptured by them. Although I have no intention of flying Qatar Airways I do know their name so their brand recognition must be off the charts. Nonetheless, this most recent commercial won’t beat their classic “A team that unites the world” commercial which is copied below. That commercial is absolute perfection.


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