Goalkeeper Whiffs Kick Which Leads To Game-Winning Goal

A late own goal gave Ajax a flattering 2-1 win at Go Ahead Eagles Deventer on Sunday, leaving the four-time defending Eredivisie champion 12 points adrift of league leader PSV Eindhoven. League top scorer Memphis Depay scored his 14th and 15th goals of the season as PSV beat Utrecht 3-1 on Saturday. In Deventer, winger Anwar El Ghazi gave Ajax the lead in the 24th minute.Sjoerd Overgoor equalized with a stunning half-volley, only for goalkeeper Mickey van der Hart to miss Wesley Verhoek’s backpass shortly before the final whistle.

Van der Hart, an Ajax player on loan to Go Ahead Eagles, blamed an unpredictable bounce when the ball hit a divot in front of him. “It is just terribly bad luck and especially that it happened today,” Van der Hart said. “It is bizarre that it happened against my employer, Ajax.” Ajax coach Frank de Boer acknowledged his team was lucky to take the full three points, but absolved Van der Hart of blame.

“It was a huge divot, he couldn’t do anything about it,” De Boer said of the goalkeeper’s embarrassing miss.

A lot of conspiracy theorists are saying the keeper did this on purpose to give Ajax the win. Ajax is his parent club (he was on loan to Go Ahead Eagles) and that whiff ultimately led to the game-winning goal so there is some credence to this theory. However, I highly doubt he did this on purpose. If he wanted to make an “error” to give Ajax the win then there are much less obvious ways to do it. Plus, this is just too embarrassing to do willingly. This will be a blemish on his career for quite some time and I doubt he would willingly flagellate himself with this type of mistake for a club he is never guaranteed to start for. Ultimately all of these conspiracy theories could have been avoided if the Eredivisie had the same loan rules as the English Premier League and didn’t let players on loan play against their parent club. The Dutch should think about changing that rule in the offseason.


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