Reporter Accidentally Interviews Former Liverpool Keeper On The Street

From Vice:

This, as BBC reporter Stuart Flinders says, is an amazing stroke of luck. Flinders, it seems, was doing some man on the street interviews recalling the 1967 FA cup match between Liverpool and Everton in the lead up to the Merseyside Derby just underway at Goodison Park and somehow found himself interviewing the Liverpool keeper, Tommy Lawrence, from the very game he was asking about.

You cannot get much luckier than this. In fact, Start is so astonished by his good fortune that he is left speechless for a brief period of time. Also, it is so awesome that this happened without much fanfare. He just seems like a regular elderly gentleman and then you find out he used to play professionally for Liverpool. If I ever visit Liverpool I’m going to be nice to every old man that I see because you never know if he played for Liverpool/Everton.


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