Equatorial Guinea Fans Attack Ghana Fans At Africa Cup Of Nations

From CNN:

Ghana booked its place in the Africa Cup of Nations final — but only after Thursday’s semifinal was brought to a halt when Black Stars supporters were forced out of their seats after appearing to be targeted with missiles by Equatorial Guinea fans.

With full-time fast approaching and Ghana leading 3-0 — thanks to goals from Jordan Ayew, Wakasu Mubarak and Andre Ayew — play was suspended following the sight of Black Stars fans making their way onto the side of the pitch, seeking refuge from what was being thrown at them.

Players were forced to stand in the middle of the pitch as they awaited a decision, while a police helicopter hovered above the Estadio de Malabo in Equatorial Guinea.

Chaos ensued as it was unclear as to whether play would eventually resume or the match would be abandoned, with reports suggesting that police were dispersing supporters and leading Ghana fans away to their safety.

Eventually, it was decided that the final few minutes of the match would be finished, with action being played out before the full-time whistle signaled Ghana’s progress to the final where it will meet Ivory Coast on Sunday.

There’s not much to say about this that those pictures and video don’t already say. Hooliganism has largely been eradicated in soccer but it still exists in some pockets and it is just as disgusting as it was before the various international FAs cracked down on it. Not only is this hooliganism unacceptable but it is also a glaring example of poor sportsmanship. Equatorial Guinea was down 3-0 and only then did their fans resort to overt violence. With these charged international games during high profile tournaments there is expected animosity between the two sets of fans. However, violence or hateful language should never be excused. Hopefully, FIFA cracks down hard on Equatorial Guinea. There is no place for this today in the beautiful game.


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