Uzbekistan’s U-22 Soccer Team Is Incredibly Violent

Uzbekistan’s under-22s were guilty of two outrageous assaults against South Korea on Sunday at the King’s Cup in Thailand.

In the first incident one South Korean player was left prostrate on the turf after he took a kung-fu kick to the head from a shocking challenge.

The violence was then stepped up a notch when the Uzbekistan number 2 reacted to a challenge with Shim Sang-min by unleashing a series of punches in his opponent’s face.

What could have possibly happened that triggered these Uzbekistan players to act so violently towards the opposition? Based on first-hand accounts of the game the South Korean players weren’t making an obscene amount of violent tackles so were the South Korean players provoking the Uzbekistan players with their words? Or were these attacks completely unprovoked? Despite what may have gone on beyond what the audience saw it definitely doesn’t excuse these violent attacks. The Uzbekistan FA should face severe sanctions/fines for what happened during this game


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