Diego Costa Faces 3-Match Ban, Quickly Becoming The New “Luis Suarez” Of the EPL

From BBC.com:

Diego Costa has been charged for violent conduct after an alleged stamp following the Capital One Cup semi-final with Liverpool on Tuesday.

The Chelsea striker, 26, faces a three-match ban for his challenge on defender Emre Can during the 1-0 victory.
The Spaniard could miss Saturday’s league match with Manchester City at Stamford Bridge if he is found guilty.
He has until 18:00 GMT on Thursday to respond to the Football Association’s charge.

Take a look at that picture of Diego Costa stomping on Emre Can during the Capital One Cup semi-final clash between Liverpool and Chelsea. It is evident in that picture he is trying to injure Emre Can. That’s not the only time he stomped on a Liverpool player during the game either. It is just the only one he is being charged for. There was also the below stomp of Martin Skrtel:

It could be argued that Martin Skrtel also kicked out against him but wouldn’t you too if you were being stomped on? This behavior is unacceptable and it is nice to see that the English FA isn’t allowing it to go unpunished. However, this behavior is nothing new for Diego Costa. He has long had a reputation for being a dirty player and after less than a year in the physical English Premier League he is beginning to show his true colors.

With the vacuum left by Suarez’s departure there needed to be someone to claim the throne of the “bad boy” of the English Premier League. If Diego Costa continues to dive and act violently then he should expect the same vitriol Luis Suarez was subjected to.


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