Luis Figo For President- Change We Can Believe In!


Portuguese great Luis Figo has become the latest shock candidate for the role of Fifa president.
The former Sporting Lisbon, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan forward, 42, joins David Ginola in the race to replace Sepp Blatter as boss of world football’s governing body.
Prince Ali of Jordan, Dutchman Michael van Praag and Jerome Champagne are also would-be presidential challengers.
Blatter has been Fifa boss since 1998 and intends to run for a fifth term.
“Football has given me so much during my life and I want to give something back to the game,” said Figo.
“I look at the reputation of Fifa right now and I don’t like it. Football deserves better.
“In recent weeks, months, and even years, I have seen the image of Fifa deteriorate.
“As I speak to many people in football – to players, managers and association presidents – so many of those people have told me that something has to be done.”
All potential candidates have to register their interest in standing before Thursday’s deadline.

Happy hump day everyone! There’s no better way to start today then with news of yet another person announcing their intent to run for the FIFA presidency. That news gets even better when you realize it is Luis Figo, the Portugese legend, who is deciding to throw his hat into the ring. I need Luis Figo as FIFA president and I needed him yesterday. A world in which Figo is the president of FIFA sounds like a utopia. After all of this corruption FIFA has openly welcomed these past few years it is great to see that Sepp Blatter may finally get what he has had coming. Up until a few months ago he was running unopposed and now he’s got a legitimate presidential race he has to fight through. Knowing FIFA, Sepp Blatter will probably win by some underhanded means but it would be such a big victory for soccer fans around the world if somehow Luis Figo took him down. All hail Luis Figo!

Luis Figo For President- Change We Can Believe In


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