Standard Liege Supporters Welcome Back Player Who Left Team & Then Joined Their Rival With Very Aggressive Tifo

From the Dirty Tackle:

Belgium international Steven Defour spent five years with Standard Liege, serving as the club’s captain for all but his first season with the club. He then spent three seasons with Porto, but returned to his homeland this season with Anderlecht — Standard’s fiercest rivals.

This did not go over so hot with his old club’s supporters. So when Defour returned to the Maurice Dufrasne Stadium wearing the wrong colors, the fans greeted him with a giant banner featuring a Jason Vorhees type holding a blood splattered machete in one hand and Defour’s severed head in the other, along with the words “RED OR DEAD.” It was subtle, but the message seemed to be that Defour is now dead to them.

I’m split on this. Part of me thinks this tifo is awesome. It’s very cool looking and it must have worked since Steven Defour ended up getting a red card during the game. However, another part of me thinks it’s a little too aggressive. As a fan I know how much it hurts for one of your players to go play for a rival. Nonetheless it’s still just a game and these players are trying to make a living. There’s no need to make him feel threatened. I believe there could have been a better way to “send a message” without implying decapitation.*

*I am a hypocrite though because if I knew that my team could make a tifo that would guarantee one of the players on the opposing team would get sent off I’m not confident I wouldn’t be open to the idea.


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