Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Red Card Against Cordoba


Ronaldo kicked out in frustration at Cordoba’s Edimar, with Madrid tied at 1-1, to earn himself a straight red card before Gareth Bale struck the winner.

However, the Portugal captain took to Twitter soon after the game to apologise for his actions.

“I apologise to everyone and especially Edimar for my thoughtless action in today’s game,” the tweet said.

I expect this from a lot of players but not Cristiano. That’s not to say he’s a saint, by no means. However, he usually is the player drawing the red card (Just ask Wayne Rooney) instead of the player receiving one. It is very out of character and Real Madrid will miss him for the next three games, assuming he gets the full three. Either way Bale will have to step up in his absence. This might be a God send for Bale because least while Cristiano Ronaldo’s out the fans can’t yell at Bale for taking a shot instead of passing to Ronaldo.


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