Soccer Player Answers His Phone In The Middle Of A Match!

Player takes out his phone during game between FC Enerhiya Nova Kakhovka and FC Olimpik Donetsk in a Ukrainian soccer league.

This is how I imagine the conversation…

“Hello? Steve I can’t talk right now. Why can’t I talk? Because I’m in the middle of a game. Who’s winning? It’s tied. 1-1. Look man I really shouldn’t be on the phone right now. Can’t this wait until after the game? Ok if you need to know now I will tell you. You have to put the TV on component once you turn on the Xbox or else you won’t be able to see the screen. Did it work? Great! Now I really have to go they are going to pass it to me soon.”

Seriously though why even bring your phone onto the field? I won’t even check my phone on the bench because I don’t want to appear disinterested in what my teammates are doing. However, this guy is in the game and he seems to be the last defender and he doesn’t think twice about answering the phone. I would have loved to see him get caught on a breakaway. What would he have done then?


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