America Scores- Helping America’s Youth Through A Combination Of Literature And Soccer

America Scores is an amazing charity that utilizes a unique method to educate children, keep them off the streets, and provide exercise. Below is their mission statement to explain exactly how it works and what it provides to the children in their programs

About America SCORES

A national nonprofit, America SCORES serves 8,000 students at more than 150 public and charter schools in 14 major cities. Our mission is to inspire urban youth to lead healthy lives, be engaged students, and have the confidence and character to make a difference in the world. We achieve this mission through daily after school and summer programming which combines soccer, poetry and service-learning. Our holistic, team-based approach works – America SCORES students, 85 percent of whom live below the poverty line, improve academically, increase physical fitness, and have a greater sense of confidence and belonging.

America SCORES’ Approach

America SCORES has a three step approach to youth development that has proven successful and replicable in hundreds of school communities across the country.

1 – We create teams through the sport of soccer;
2 – We bring these teams into the classroom to discover their voice through poetry; and
3 – As a team, these ‘poet -athletes’ learn to use their voices to make change in their communities.

The key to the America SCORES model is that it’s holistic, team-based and the core activities provide children with well-rounded experiences.

1 – Soccer is a universal sport accessible to all children regardless of background and physical characteristics.
It is an inclusive sport.

2– Poetry transcends culture and language and it helps children develop creative thinking, literacy and speaking skills.

3 – Service Learning helps children develop empathy, social responsibility and a sense of personal worth.

The result is a team of children who experience success on the field, in the classroom, and in the community.

The connection between the body and mind is as essential part of our growth as human beings. It is important to not only to maintain a healthy body through exercise but also to maintain your mind through learning. America Scores achieves both of those by involving its students in soccer and poetry. The goal of this program isn’t meant to train future professional athletes or poet laureates (although those outcomes are welcome). Instead it is meant to show kids that they can express themselves with two activities that are relatively easy and cheap to participate in. To play soccer one only needs a ball and to write poetry one only needs a pen and a piece of paper. The end result allows kids to see an outlet for creativity and expression that they might not have thought was possible. In order to support the cause please click one of the two hyperlinks below.

If you want to donate CLICK HERE

If you want to volunteer CLICK HERE

Also if you want to check out some of the kids’ poetry check out America Scores’ annual literature magazine Kicker! click the hyperlink below.

For the Spring 2014 edition CLICK HERE


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