Cristiano Ronaldo To Wear Diamond Encrusted Boots

From ProSoccerTalk:

Hot on the heels of Ronaldo winning his third Ballon d’Or crown and being named the best player on the planet, the Real Madrid superstar will now wear gold boots made by his sponsor Nike, which are encrusted with diamonds to celebrate his hat trick of Ballon d’Or trophies. The boots are named: Mercurial CR7 Rare Gold.

Ronaldo will wear them against Atletico Madrid on Thursday in the huge Copa del Rel last 16 clash at the Santiago Bernabeu.

There’s nothing more ostentatious than diamond-encrusted boots. If you think about it only Cristiano Ronaldo could pull these off because he’s practically a demi-god anyway. Imagine if Messi wore these? It would be so out of character. The fact that he will wear these boots is why people dislike Cristiano Ronaldo and prefer Lionel Messi. He’s too flashy. However, if I had his talent and his looks I can’t say I wouldn’t act and dress the same way.


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