But First Let Totti Take A Selfie

From 101greatgoals.com:

The Roma captain staged a one-man comeback in the Rome derby against Lazio on Sunday. Lazio, third in Serie A at the start of play, led 2-0 thanks to goals from Stefano Mauri and Felipe Anderson at half-time. Then came the Totti comeback with goals on 48 and 64. The second goal was a beauty, a back post sliding volley. But, it was the celebration that caused the goal to go viral immediately. The 38-year-old went to the Curva Sud and took a Selfie. Glorious!

Although it has been done before that doesn’t make this any less awesome. Totti is a legend and after singlehandedly rescuing a point for AS Roma he is allowed to do whatever he wants. Pretty soon though I’m afraid this celebration will become way too ubiquitous and it will take the excitement and surprise away from the “selfie goal celebration.” Until then we can admire Dom Dwyer and Totti as goal celebration innovators.


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