Watch The Documentary “The Southampton Way”

Watch “The Southampton Way”

Known as a “selling club” that operates on a relatively modest budget, Southampton FC isn’t a side that should be competing with the heavyweights in England. Yet thanks to an extremely well run youth academy, a passionate fan base and a smart vision that pervades all levels of the club, the Saints continue to thrive despite their underdog status.

In this edition of “PL Download,” Roger Bennett of “Men in Blazers” fame visits the well-run south England club and spends time with coaches, players and executives to find out more about the Southampton Way.

Unfortunately the embed code doesn’t work so you’ll have to click the link above to watch the video. It is definitely worth a watch though. In a club soccer world filled with oil money and expensive transfers it is refreshing to see a club of Southampton’s size compete with the giants of the Premier League. It just goes to show soccer fans that a club doesn’t necessarily need a huge cash infusion from a rich owner to compete and challenge for the Champions League. All it needs is a smart business plan and a very well run youth academy churning out top class talent. While both those things are difficult to do at least they don’t require a Saudi prince in order to do them.


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