Kansas State Kicker Attempts An Onside Kick Using A Rabona

From NFL.com:

UCLA raced out to a big lead against Kansas State and barely held off a furious second-half comeback by the Wildcats to win the Alamo Bowl on Friday night.

Trailing by five points with less than 90 seconds left in the game, K-State did what they could to complete a day full of miraculous finishes in college football by trying an onside kick — only the Wildcats didn’t just attempt your run-of-the-mill kick, they had redshirt freshman Matthew McCrane try something so creative that few could even think to do it.

This has been done before by American football kickers and it has had mixed results. Onside kicks are usually low percentage anyway so tricks like these aren’t usually any less effective. Although I can’t recall the last time it worked I encourage every kicker to keep trying these because Rabonas are always awesome. Especially when they work.


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