D.C. United’s New Stadium Has Been Approved

From D.C. United:

The D.C. Council has approved the District of Columbia Soccer Stadium Act of 2014 in its second and final vote, approving the development of the new 20,000-25,000-seat stadium for D.C. United in the Buzzard Point neighborhood of Southwest Washington. The legislation’s passage targets the opening of the stadium in 2017 and ensures that D.C. United will make the District of Columbia its home for generations to come.

D.C. United is one of MLS’s most storied franchises so it has always been seen as a detriment to the league and the team itself that they didn’t have their own stadium. Playing in cavernous stadiums designed for football teams is not a fond memory for MLS so the sooner all of its teams are out of those situations the better (Next up the New England Revolution). Therefore, it is great to see D.C. United getting their own stadium and it will be very exciting for the league to have one of its best teams in a soccer-specific stadium. Nonetheless, there are some concerns about the way the team was able to convince the public to build the stadium but those are concerns better left to Deadspin.


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