Open Goaaal- The New Invention You Wish You Had When You Were A Kid

Open Goaaal! is brilliant new invention that stops kids shooting balls over the fence or down the garden, and rebounds the ball back instead. No more fetching. Brilliant for shooting practice. Saves the garden from ruin. Buy one only at . Invest at…

My childhood was filled with so many lost soccer balls and awkward encounters with my neighbors. I had a net in my backyard but it fell into disuse over time because I was got so sick of retrieving the ball after I kicked it over for the 100th time. It also didn’t help that I constantly hit the new fence my parents put up behind the goal and over time quickly destroyed its structural integrity.

The only problem I have with this invention is that it doesn’t reach high enough. When you kick a ball over the crossbar it usually flies over and I feel like with this invention I’d still lose a fair amount of balls.  I would still recover more than I lost but the awkward retrieving of the ball from your neighbors would not be completely avoided. However, something is better than nothing so if I had a backyard then I would invest in this.


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