Odel Beckham Jr. Is A Pretty Damn Good Soccer Player/Kicker Too

A few days ago I was joking with my friend that if the Giants kicker got injured they’d probably have Beckham step into take kicks. Before he stepped in, the announcers would pull up some random footage of him kicking field goals during practice to show everyone how capable he was of stepping in. Flash forward a few days and this vine appears on social media. Besides the fact that this series of events proves that I am clairvoyant it also proves how much of a freak athlete Odell Beckham Jr. is. For all the non-American readers who follow this blog, a kicker does not need to spin the football to kick it. Instead they usually have a holder who receives the ball and holds it upright to make it easier to kick. Most kickers probably do not know how to do this. This is an absurd amount of skill which makes me, as a soccer fan, a little sad. If he is this good at soccer after not having played since high school then imagine how good he could have been if he stuck with it? This may make for some restless nights for American soccer fans.


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