Face to Face with the Arsenal Family

Bearing a striking resemblance to their famous footballer relatives, all is not as it seems as uncle Kenny Wilshere, Trudy Mertesacker and Darren Oxlade-Chamberlain reveal what it’s like to be ‘related’ to an Arsenal superstar. Talented in their very own ways – from a poetic plumber (of sorts) to a world beating baker and a plane spotter nicknamed The Shrub – they offer us an exclusive peek into their lives as they move their way to a match day and beyond. Brought to you by http://www.europcar.co.uk

When brands find fun and engaging ways to cross-promote themselves with soccer teams/players it is always a treat for us fans. They could have easily made an informative video that featured “star power.” If they had it would have cost less time and effort and still been a big boost for their brand. Instead, they made it funny and engaging. This is the type of video I’d watch just to laugh. I’d say they made a customer out of me but unfortunately I do not live in Europe.


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