Massive Tifo Covers Entire Stadium

From Pro Soccer Talk:

The above video is drone footage taken at the club’s Estadio Atanasio Girardot Medellin prior to Independiente Medellin’s Saturday night’s game against Deportivo Cali. The banner was created and displayed as a tribute for the club’s 101st birthday, which was Friday, the day before.

The tifo above covers 45,000 seats. I am not 100% sure but I think this is the largest tifo ever created, or at least the largest one I’ve ever seen. Which brings me to another point, how annoying was this for fans? I once went to a soccer game in Greece and was part of the section holding up a tifo and it blocks your whole sight of the game. It is a cool thing to do but when you don’t actually get to see the rewards of your labor. Instead you are left staring at a piece of cloth for what seems like forever. I doubt that all 45,000 fans were pumped to spend the opening few minutes with their view obscured but I thank them for doing it so we could get this cool video.


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