Relive All The Goals Of The 1966 World Cup In GIF Form

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been making these gifs for and thought you guys might want to see them. Chances are 99% of you weren’t alive during this World Cup and a big chunk of you haven’t seen these goals. So here you go.. all the goals from the 1966 World Cup. Enjoy and if you guys like this i’ll make more post in the future of other competitions.

Click Here for a list of all the goals from the 1966 World Cup.

There are some things in life you never knew you needed until it is invented/discovered. Before the iPhone I never knew I needed a phone that was practically a hand held computer. I was perfectly fine using my flip phone and then boom the iPhone is invented and I can no longer imagine a world in which I’m forced to use a flip phone. Now after having discovered this archive of every goal from the 1966 World Cup my thirst has grown. I need every goal from every World Cup in GIF form and I needed it yesterday. Please you brave knights of Reddit. Get this done ASAP.


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