Horrific Challenge Could Face Criminal Charges

Check the video below (Not for the faint of heart):

It is a terrible tackle that has no business in the game. It is a potential career ender and most definitely a red card. Aaraus Sandro Wieser is the culprit here and for all intents and purposes his suspension should be for at least the rest of this season if not for longer. We see tackles like this and begin to wonder what goes through these player’s minds at these crucial moments in games. They are all well-trained, ultra-competitive, and motivated individuals so I can almost see how these types of instances occur. It is pure stupidity and classlessness that brings this along. Alas, I yearn for beauty in this game and you see none of it here. If I happened to be Mr. Wieser’s teammate, I would consider returning the favor at the next training session.

But can this warrant criminal charges? That is the big debate here. Let us know your thoughts!


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