Irish Man Applies for Ireland Men’s National Team Coaching Job, FAI Kindly Rejects Him


When Giovanni Trapattoni was sacked as Ireland manager by the FAI in September of last year, most Irish fans responded to the news with a sigh of relief or a whoop of joy. Paddy O’Brien isn’t like most Ireland fans.

He saw an opportunity. A vacancy that he thought he could fill. He saw the candidates being linked with the job and thought that he was at least as qualified as that crowd.

O’Brien spoke to the Guardian about sending in his job application for role: “At the time I wrote the application there were a lot of individuals being touted for the job and, even with no experience of football management, I reckoned I would be every bit as good as Owen Coyle, Gerard Houllier, Noel King, etc.”

He sent in a frankly ridiculous CV, one of the finest piss-takes we’ve seen in a long time. He listed new formations that literally pointed the way to goal and a defensive strategy that used the goalkeeper as bait.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take– Wayne Gretzsky” — Michael Scott.” You have to admire this guys effort. After Giovanni Trapattoni’s dreadful stint as coach (He got them to the Euros but there display during that tournament was so awful I think many Irish fans would have preferred the team didn’t qualify) many fans could be forgiven for thinking they could have done a better job. His defensive tactics made the team so boring to watch and although it helped them stay competitive it deprived them of any real soccer identity. The tactics Mr.O’Brien lists may not work but at least they would make the Irish team fun to watch. Something that could not have been said during the Trapattoni era.


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