Arsene Wenger Gets Special Zipper For His PUMA Jacket

It’s always nice to see when a coach/player can make fun of himself. To a degree it humanizes them and makes them more respectable. Although I still personally dislike Arsene Wenger as a coach I have to admit I found this video humorous and it helps me see him in a slightly different light. His big, long puffy coat has always made me laugh and it is great to know he is aware of it. To see what this video is referencing please watch the video below.

P.S. I’m blogging about this mainly as an excuse to repost my George Costanza/Arsene Wenger photoshop mashup that I still find hilarious but felt no one fully appreciated when I originally put it up (Perhaps there’s not as big of a cross section of Seinfeld fans and English Premier League fans as I originally thought)

Arsene Wenger



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