Aston Villa Forced To Cancel October’s Goal Of The Month Competition Because They Didn’t Score Any Goals

From Bleacher Report:

This could be one of the most pathetic things I’ve read all season. Granted they scored this Sunday in a loss against Tottenham but before that the last time they scored was in a 1-0 win against Liverpool (Who isn’t beating Liverpool these days?). They should have just replaced it with a Save Of The Month competition because Brad Guzan has had his work cutout for him these days, as per usual. The funniest part about this if they had ended up scoring a goal in their last game of October would they have still cancelled it? Or would have that won by default? Winning by default somehow would seem more pathetic than canceling the entire competition. I bet Aston Villa’s management team will think twice in the future before green-lighting a similar competition.


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