Indonesian Teams Score On Themselves So They Won’t Play Gangster-Controlled Team

From Yahoo!:

Two Indonesian teams have been disqualified from an end-of-season tournament after five own goals were scored in a single match, an official said Wednesday, as both sides sought to lose in a bid to avoid facing a team reportedly backed by gangsters.

Video footage showed goalkeepers from the two clubs, PSS Sleman and PSIS Semarang, making half-hearted attempts to stop shots and walking away from the goal as the ball approached during Sunday’s match in Yogyakarta, on the main island of Java.

PSS Sleman eventually ‘won’ 3-2 — they conceded two own goals during the match, but were handed victory by their opponents who managed to allow three own goals in the final three minutes.

The teams were both trying to avoid playing against Pusamania Borneo FC in the semi-finals of the Premier Division’s final rounds as the team is believed to be backed by gangsters, local media reported.

The Jakarta Globe newspaper said that Pusamania fans recently attacked the coach of a visiting team, Persis, who promptly abandoned the planned game and took the first flight home.

From now on anytime you are lacing up your boots nervously as you prepare to play a team you think is clearly better than you, remember that it could always be worse. You could be preparing to play a team that would literally kill you. The incident above is not as rare as it should be in that part of the world. Indonesia has long been a hot bed for corruption within soccer and this only highlights how bad the problems have gotten. Corruption has become so entrenched in soccer there that it is difficult to see it ever being completely eradicated. Hopefully it is one day because no soccer player should feel so afraid of playing a team that they will score on themselves just to prevent it.


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