MLS Insider- Erick “Cubo” Torres The All-Time Leading Mexican-Born Scorer In MLS History

At 21 years old, Erick “Cubo” Torres is already the all-time leading Mexican-born scorer in MLS history, having bagged 15 goals in his first full year with Chivas USA and another seven in the previous campaign. His goal celebration, the robot dance, is inspired by a celebration in the FIFA video game, and shows no sign of letting up as he recently opened his goalscoring account with the Mexican National Team in what was only his third senior team cap.

MLS does a great job with their digital content and this video is just one video in a long line of fantastic content they have produced. This subject matter is especially intriguing because it is hard to believe that Cubo was able to surpass the record for all-time leading Mexican-born scorer in MLS history at such a young age. US soccer owes a lot of its early success to the presence of foreigners and the close proximity of Mexico means it has a large influence on both our past and present soccer successes. The fact that there have been so few prolific Mexican-born scorers in MLS history is shocking at first. However, the domestic Mexican soccer league does pay better and is closer to home so the more you think about it the easier it is to understand why a lot of Mexican talent chooses to stay within their own league. Why go to a foreign land when they can make a good career closer to their friends and family?


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